Managed Benefits of H.A.I Automation


How does our H.A.I benefit you?

H.A.I gives scale, speed, accuracy and cost efficiencies across the digital supply-marketing chains of production, integration, optimization, measurement, localization, socialization and returns for long-term value, growth etc.

Where does H.A.I come from?

H.A.I is hashtag first tweeted @VikasGulaty (co-founder @ViaGuru) It means hyper Automation intelligence. It was a thought behind mixing things and thinks during development and testing journeys since 7 years.

'H' stands for hyper and human

'A' stands for abilities, automation, augmented, assisted, accuracy, analytics, audience, aware, alert, awesome.

'I' stands for individual, intelligent, intelligence in various context of the work journey stages.

What can we do for enterprise scale?

Some enterprise want to leap-frog ahead, reduce costs, improve efficiencies, grow margins, expand markets, build community, go omni-channel - global, national, local.

Chat to tell us how far, fast and big you want to go to accelerate the blue-prints of digital marketing.

Can we collaborate to get ahead for gains?

Get ready for the new - change to transform?

The research shows that Enterprise want to spur growth back on track with new resilient strategies and collaboration.

Time to start to implement change to:

1. Create control.

2. Bargain for performance balance.

3. Cultivate customer connection.

4. Curate the home and community.

5. Act on all fronts of human-to-humans returns and values.


Exponential R.O.I is Possible with Scale - Change Marketing Outcomes with Data Automation Acquisition Intelligence for Enterprise Goals

H.A.I Automation powered Strategic Intelligent Content Mar-Com on Social-Search Channels.

Managed execution performance with Dev-Ops, Security, Management, Marketing, Deep-Analytics for Outcome Returns Validation.

  • 10000x plus development efficiency, productivity gains of scale, digital supply-chain integration, go-to-customer speed experience capabilities.
  • 100x plus Scale speed efficiencies within-house: automation tech, skill work, resources and tools to increase outreach on social-search channels and targeted Mar-Com to customer interests, personas, languages, timing and zip locations.
  • 10x plus combined reduction in inputs of Cap-Ex and Op-Ex costs, time, skills and tech. work through end-to-end supply chains: dev-ops, asset management and efficiencies in digital chains of owned content marketing in pursuit of digital marketing R.O.I.
  • 10x plus increase inbound organic multi social-channels traffic with outreach, amplification, engagement and conversion all equal to global national or local influence of positive, true common value minds. Let us both build your digital community.

Managed Content Marketing Services

Performance-Returns Benefits


Everything to build your network sustainably

Data Acquisition Automation

H.A.I helps embed deep-analytics code attributes to elements to constantly acquire deep-data metrics across journey stages, channels and actions on scale and accuracy.

It is your owned earned data insights that you can trust, not what other's show!

Returns benefit

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Marketing Automation

H.A.I automates tasks of digital development supply-chain process, optimization, cyber-security, publishing, distribution, conversion and measurement.

Built personalized (bespoke) content marketing for client strategic purpose, language, targeting, strategy and technology stack tools to accomplish goals.

Growth benefit

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Social Mar-Com Automation

H.A.I helps to accelerate, scale and build social campaigns, as well.

Expand affiliates, resellers, channels, locations.

For example: We can integrate your e-Commerce SKU's to build multiple-language offers with zip-code optimization and viewing time targeting.

Value benefit

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Security Resilience Automation

H.A.I Automation and Machine Learning enabled cloud cyber-security intelligence for peace-of-mind managed service.

Pro-active defense intelligence with automation to alert and react to cyber-attacks.

Vigilant 24x7x365 with human-assisted-intelligence.

Risk benefit

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Operation Automation

H.A.I on the host can automate production supply chain, optimization, publishing, distribution, email opt-in and analytics for social-search marketing.

Operational efficiencies at every stage of value chains of development, processing, security and marketing contributes to exponential margin returns with inputs of cost, time and work arbitrage value.

Efficiency benefit

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Development Automation

H.A.I can accelerate, scale and build integrated social-messaging campaigns with each message having it's own inbound backlink landing responsive experience page.

You can serve audience images and video streaming, engagement, conversion, downloads and enable meta-data acquisition with owned measurement.

Cost benefit

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