H.A.I Process Client Delivery - Campaign Journey


Let's Build the Future Influence

How Do We Think Work with You?


1. Embracing Change to Transform them

Managed digital services to go-to-market with customer-attraction strategies. Your goal messaging strategy inputs - Our peformance outcomes.

2. Operational Efficiencies

Creating an executable and measurable outcome based managed performance services strategy with automation and human skills.

3. Technology driven Influence Change

Enable your marketing-communication outreach on social-search channels to build influence in citizen local communities.

Creative Inputs - Strategy

Having a documented purpose-driven audience relevant communication strategy for your content marketing is key.

Your inputs help our developer to build digital architecture, messaging flow and analytics for your owned social campaign.

Provide inputs for our coders in the template provided with your logo, social message, image banner, youtube video link, call-to-action (CTA), analytics UTM code for marketing performance attribution insights.


Development - Design, Experience, Integration, Optimization, Delivery

Our services help you to achieve digital-supply scale, localization, experience, integration, speed and measurement accuracy for omni-channel outreach.

We build encrypted, optimized and mobile responsive landing web pages in global languages for each social message for each channel.

The content page is meta semantic tag optimized can have a banner, talking animated video of your message, video streaming, email subscription auto-response, pdf conversion to flip books etc. as your goal requires

D.I.Y - Take the output from us, schedule, publish, distribute, target, market and manage yourself. Save development time, work and cost.


Operations - Cloud Architecture, Technology tools, Hosting, Design, Cyber-Security, Publishing, Distribution, Email

We can further operate, host, secure, manage, market, measure and convert social and search traffic to your CTA links or your website.

We use our own Mar-Tech tools, cyber-security and effective tactics.

We can publish on your social accounts with social-channel API integration or we create a new account that independently drives inbound organic traffic for lead generation to your site.


Performance - Lead Generation, Data Analytics, Scale, Speed, Returns, Competitive Value

Measure the key performance indicators (K.P.I's) with the power of deep block-chain marketing attribution analytics of each element on landing page and links. View it on your owned, social native or google analytics dashboards.

Prove and improve your customer communication and Return on Marketing Spends (ROMS). Calculate cost savings with ability to go-to-customer fast, local, scale with accuracy