Work Automation Capabilities for You

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Two Work Areas

Social-Search Content Marketing

Hybrid-Cloud Cyber-Security

Work Models

Development | Operations | Cloud Cyber-Security | Mar-Com | Mar-Tech | Data

We custom develop, operate, market, measure and secure social-media campaigns.

We are the back-end outsourcing builders and technology managed services provider.
You are the author, publisher and engager.

  • Development - Supply-chain production of encrypted optimized multiple languages inbound landing experience conversion pages for each social-media post.
  • Operation - Managed services hosting, cyber-security, marketing technology tools, content plaform, integration.
  • Marketing - We increase amplification by SEM, channels, distribute, syndicate, aggregate, email newsletter, location targeting
  • Measurement - Embed deep meta-data UTM element code for analytics insights and data-acquistion of marketing journeys with true verification.
  • Security - A.I + M.L cyber-security tools platform data for security ( Zero trust - no second party access, compliant owned client content.