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Two Work Areas

Social-Search Content Marketing

Hybrid-Cloud Cyber-Security

Work Models

Development | Operations | Cloud Cyber-Security | Mar-Com | Mar-Tech | Data

We custom develop, operate, market, measure and secure social-media campaigns.

We are the back-end outsourcing builders and technology managed services provider.

You are the author, publisher and engager.

  • Solve Challenges - Stages of digital technology and supply-chain process for content marketing performance and returns. [ See Video link below ]
  • H.A.I Automation - Managed services helps efficiency improvement margins for effectiveness and business impact of that margin needs to maximize returns.
  • Competitive Advantage - Scale outreach, strategy context, omni-channel, production speed, measurement accuracy and customized campaigns build for any industry, purppose, language or social channel.

    H.A.I will do what humans can do — but more efficiently, at scale, on speed, with accuracy at the lowest cost.

    It goes above & beyond to measure performance analytics with helps get data acquistion as well.

    Cloud cyber-security powered by defense automation and machine learning intelligence is essential for data protection and compliance.

    These are truly some all-in-one competitive advantages.
  • Smart Data Strategy - Gives exponential results to your data scientists to design future market communication strategies.

    Smart insights come from true, volume, high-quality, real-time and actionable constant data acquisition.

    Marketing journey data insights gives true verification of performance and returns with owned viewability that you can trust.
  • Data Security - H.A.I + M.L hybrid cloud 7 layered cyber-security and content encryption capability is a managed service by us. Zero trust - no second party access. Read more... [ target="_blank"> ]
  • Compliance - Protection of the brand communication from errors, mis-communication and legal regulatory protocols. Client check, re-check and then publish.

    Only compliant and client source owned content is used.
  • R.O.I Performance Proof - Defined campaign goal outcomes and the metrics you want to measure success and calculate the peformance and R.O.I are inbuilt with your analytics code inputs.

    We find best ways to optimize performance outcomes in the shortest possible time.