Why do you need H.A.I Automation to solve marketing problems?

Problem are'nt solved until it's solved for all.

Together, we can build benefits with and for everyone that needs automation for cost, scale, speed, reliability, sustainability and quality.

Our H.A.I services impact digital areas of: development supply-chain, operations, marketing, sales, measurement all in the customer relationship building communication chain.

Lowering costs will remain a top reason to automate, but companies are increasingly deploying automation to keep up with super-charged digital changes, enhance capabilities and adapt for sustainability.

The focus in response to the pandemic going forward based on a Bain Survey - Read more...

The purpose essence is on business value sustainablity, operational controls and creating growth opportunities for all (customers, business and stakeholders):

Lower costs, lower risk, revenue growth, enhance performance, improve resilience, generating quality insights, improve customer experience.

Seeking clarity on why you should be automating and if it helps you achieve some of the above-mentioned core objectives.

Marketers need clarity on why they need A.I to address a business marketing problem that can’t be done as effectively with SaaS (software as a service) platforms or changing existing team-work approaches is the first step.

Putting the scale of operations and challenges in perspective to see if automation is required to accomplish your marketing goals.

The margin of improvement in effectiveness and the business impact of that efficiency margin needs to be evaluated.

You need to make better decisions about resource utilization to be efficient in saving cost or increasing margins.

Detect the changing patterns of customer behaviour by analyzing sufficient data with acquisition in near real-time, driving revenues and enhancing personalized interest with experiences.

All to effect profitability and customer growth.

Build Social-Search Marketing Efficiency Value for You

Human vs. machine: who is going to do what?

You are the author, publisher and engager of your own brand campaign. You have to give us messaging and media inputs.

We are the back-end social-search campaign builders. We give bespoke outcomes as you want.

This is what we do:

  • Development - Supply-chain production of encrypted optimized multiple languages inbound landing experience conversion pages for each social-media post.
  • Operation - Managed services hosting, cyber-security, marketing technology tools, content plaform, integration.
  • Marketing - We increase amplification by SEM, channels, distribute, syndicate, aggregate, email newsletter, location targeting
  • Measurement - Embed deep meta-data UTM meta-codes for analytics insights and data-acquistion with true verification.
  • Security - A.I + M.L cyber-security tools platform data for security ( Zero trust - no second party access, compliant owned client content.

Why Collaborate

We execute bigger marketing outreach
Build sustainable resilient value, reduce uncertainity risk, share work stress, increase time return value, reduce cost with efficiencies.

  • Automation

    Productivity: Supply-chain built bespoke, scale,
    speed, accuracy, language, security,
    integration, experience, conversion.

  • Data Acquisition

    Real-time K.P.I's meta-data analytics smart-insights benefit.

  • Deliverable Returns

    On-time peformance with high-returns business model.


Competitive Advantage - U.S.P

Automation Arbitrage Benefits

H.A.I - Hyper/ Human: Assisted/ Agile/ Automation/ Augmented/ Analytics/ Alert Intelligence

  • Efficiently build the biggest, integrated, optimized omni-social-channel content marketing supply-chain.
  • Our skill, process and tools helps us improve client localized marketing cost, scale and accuracy.
  • We build and own the tech. capabilities, margins, revenue and value market chains of returns.
  • Push tech. work out of the way to re-think customer interest strategy, goals and value.
  • Watch video link below - Motivate silo-ed teams to re-think, experiment, collaborate to execute for customer growth.