Why do we use intelligent content marketing?

Content marketing gives you the ability be the true source of your voice. It helps you outreach and attract an audience on social-search channels to help your old and new customers solve problems, improve their lives and for you to deliver value that they seek from your brand communication.

Where does the input for social-search marketing campaigns come from?

It comes from you and your teams. How? You write your message strategically that has a purpose and is audience interest driven with relevancy. Media user experience like images and video are part of the outreach, attraction, engagement, influence, conversion and selling customer journey.

How is content marketing better than paid advertising?

It is a fact that intelligent humans don't click on ads. Do you? Very few do due lack of trust, privacy and relevance. Humans now don't like push-ads on timeline face. Own your messaging voice, pull your audience with attraction will be true, cheaper and more effective as a sustainable and resilient marketing strategy for growth.

What aree the problems we help solve?

Problems our H.A.I for Intelligent Content Marketing solves:

Paid Advertising does not give sustainable returns, yearly increase in rates on targeting, locations, industry - has no long-term returns value for business nor the customer anymore.

Marketing Technology (Mar-Tech) has capital expenditure (Cap-Ex) and costly workers, upgrades, training and changes.

Development and Operations (Dev-Ops) has operating expense (Op-Ex) of salaries, time to develop integration, optimization making it difficult to achieve sustainable input costs for scale, infrastructure costs ongoing to achieve scale, speed and accuracy of digital marketing supply-chains.

Marketing Communication (Mar-Com) now needs multi social channels, search engines, user experience, languages, location targeting, lead generation, engagement, conversion, data acquistion and insight analytics to prove returns on markeing spends (R.O.M.S) and returns on investment (R.O.I).

Consumers seek true brand voice relvance, care and value.

What is the H.A.I - BIG MediAIdea that solves problems and transforms outcomes?

Performance, Returns and Value are 3 Pillars:

Outbeat advertising with competitive R.O.I to replace paid advertising with owned earned content, media and data marketing

Reduce costs of content supply chains of development, production, operations and marketing

Customization of social-search campaigns with bespoke client strategy and tech. tools, cloud stack architecture and tactics to achieve goals

Performance efficiencies to achieve marketing strategy, content supply, transparency, scale, speed, accuracy, data acquisition

Risk Resilience with compliance, tech. execution roadblocks, cyber-security and cost sustainability

Growth driven new data insights, enter new markets and bigger user outreach to build sales flow, build influence and loyalty.

H.A.I - What does 'H', 'A' & 'I' stand for?

H.A.I is hashtag first tweeted @VikasGulaty (co-founder @ViaGuru) It means hyper Automation intelligence. It was a thought behind mixing things and thinks during development and testing journey since 7 years.

'H' stands for hyper and human

'A' stands for agile, automation, augmented, assisted, accuracy, analytics, audience, aware, alert.

'I' stands for individual, intelligent, intelligence in various context of the work journey stages.