How do you manage our campaign marketing performance?

We host, manage and maintain the operations and marketing lifecycle for 1 year, ongoing as you desire.

This is how

How is your digital marketing performance better?

Proof is in the pudding. Don't take our word for it, you have to take a leap of faith and try 1 pilot experiment with us.

We can do one campaign for Twitter to start with.

How do you prove performance returns to us?

Performance is proved by viewability on your own goggle analytics, social native account dasboard or your 3rd party platform.

Analytics will show you the key performance metrics (K.P.I) and prove the returns R.O.I based on what you save, earn or burn.

This is how

How do I prove marketing R.O.I returns to my boss?

You can do a comparision with your past social advertising spends for: CPM (cost per thousand) impressions views, CPC (cost per click), cost per download (CPL), cost per conversion (CPC) etc.

Show outreach scale, new market and channel growth, community building etc.

We can provide you a template of financial and non-financial gains after a campaign, as part of review.

How long does it get performance with returns compared to advertising?

Advertising is instant traffic that may be irrelevant, unstable and has no long-term value as it is based on no-strategy push on the screen face.

Social content marketing goes through a journey of outreach attraction, engagement, conversation, care, concern, community reviews and influence if you are interesting.

It's a pull and churn strategy that reaps growth dividends non-stop human-to-human #h2h. You can do both (A/B test) with equal budget and compare what works best for you.

It takes 3 months to get traction and 1 year to start growing exponentially.

What is the R.O.I of social-media marketing?

"Same as your mother's R.O.I." Quote by someone unknown and funny but some-what relevant.

R.O.I can be proved accurately based on your marketing costs and returns.

Social-media marketing is about outreach, conversations, engagement, care and influence.

Conversions are returns as a natural course of the journey of community building with owned content marketing.

If you are true, relevant, constant, consistent, local and have common interest, value and dreams to change the world.

You have to take you own Mar-Com journey to prove the R.O.I.

We can co-create with you to build interest, value, accelerate and enhance the R.O.I outcomes on multi social-search channels.