What is the hosted cloud cyber-security managed service?

H.A.I give us the ability to defend our hosted digital assets from hackers. We use automation and machine learning for intelligence. Read more...

How is your cyber-security service better or unique?

The service has 7 layers of firewalling with data, techniques, sources which is pro-active on alert, defend and learning.

It improves it's capabilities every minute supplemented by human research as well. The system has been tested and capabilities built over 10 years.

It may not be totally unique but is better than many out there with multi-capabilities and legacy.

It has the power to even cater to national cyber defense scalability, if required.

How can we activate this service for our campaign operated with you?

As hosting is done by us, the service is active. Further content on each landing page is source-code encrypted.

No member of our team, client can see it or de-crypt it.

How will this work with what our security team already does?

We do not need to work with your security team. We do not need any integration or entry into your system or website.

We simply give you the capability to create short-links and redirect your links, after they have been checked and bounced off our cloud host service, the visitor moves forward to your link.

You create the short-links that you wish for the public/ work from home workers to enter.

We are the gatekeepers and our A.I checks every visit intent before it gets to you.

How long does it activate the cloud cyber-security service, if we are not running a campaign?

The 2nd party service is under alpha testing. We have never shared this with the public and working on it to commercialize it.

It should take 1 day for you to be KYC verified for us to activate and the time you want to take to create your short-links of entry checks.

What is the cost of this cyber-security service?

With our campaign operating and marketing model, cyber-security management is included - no extra charge.

For the new 2nd party SaaS service to be launched shortly, it will be amazingly low to disrupt the value game for others.

Watch the launch announcement on social handle: @viaguru hashtag: #netsecurity