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Two Work Areas

Social-Search Content Marketing

Hybrid-Cloud Cyber-Security

Work Models

Development | Operations | Cloud Cyber-Security | Mar-Com | Mar-Tech | Data

We custom develop, operate, market, measure and secure social-media campaigns.

We are the back-end outsourcing builders and technology managed services provider.

You are the author, publisher and engager.

  • Personalization - Bespoke built customized for any purpose, strategy and customer goal driven in any language
  • Costs - Much cheaper than paid advertising or do it yourself (D.I.Y) on SaaS platforms.
  • L.T.V - Content marketing has Long Term Value compared to paid advertising. Execution scale and speed transforms value.
  • Automation - Personalization, scale, speed of development to market, integration, optimization, minimize work, cost and time.
  • Performance - Omni-channel publishing, distribution and amplification drives outreach performance, new customer growth and loyalty.
  • Accuracy - Minimize human errors of coding, integration, optimization and measurement.
  • Data - Deep meta-data analytics gives constant, quality, smart acquisition of insights of performance.
  • Returns - Return on Marketing Spends (R.O.M.S) can be proved without any doubt with analytics metrics.
  • Security - H.A.I + M.L hybrid cloud 7 layered cyber-security and content encryption capability is a managed service by us. Read more... [ target="_blank"> ]
  • Peace of Mind - Surety that your marketing messaging will begin on-time, at a fixed-cost of development, operations and marketing without giving you sleepless nights. Your team can instead spend time on engaging customers instead for care, conversion and sales.