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Two Work Areas

Social-Search Content Marketing

Hybrid-Cloud Cyber-Security

Work Models

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Start-Up Everyday

Built to Automate: We are a start-up with a competitive advantage. Agile with H.A.I human assisted hyper automation intelligence.

We start-up everyday to dream ways of doing things bigger, faster, safer, cheaper & better.

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Lean & Agile

Built to Perform: Lean distributed self-starter team with one person for multi-function roles.

We work to make a difference at the intersection of digital marketing strategy, technology, performance and business returns.

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Diversity of Think

Built to Soar: 7 years of work with the help of global distributed force of 100's of gig work from anywhere workers.

They inspired us to learn ways to improve the marketing puzzle of complexities and problems.

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Vision to Mission

Built to Go: : Make change impact happen. Smart work. Better life.

We believe local citizen awareness advocacy communication can help change the world. It starts with me, you and us.

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Who are We?

Entrepreneurs at startup. Dreamers with missions. True to purpose.

Believers working for high level technology performance efficiencies, margin returns & business growth in two key areas:

digital marketing & cloud cyber-security.

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What & How do we do it?

We take your content inputs (messaging, photo, video, analytics code) to build multi-channel/ multi-language/ multi-targeted social-media campaigns.

We process, integrate, optimize, translate and produce web landing pages for inbound conversion and sales.

We refine it to razor-edge for attraction, experience, performance and measurement. Read More...


Why do we do it?

What were the problems we tried to solve? - Marketing Technology Complexities, Performance, Scale, Returns, Data, Trust and Security

- People don't trust advertising, have privacy concerns, is non-strategic push on face and returns on spends are low. Ad. rates increase year-on-year (YoY) and vary by industry, location and targeting.

Content marketing is difficult to produce scale due to digital supply, optimization for social-search and smart gadgets, execute go-to-market campaigns on speed for omni-channel marketing.

Proof of R.O.I without accurate owned data acquisition metrics cannot be trusted entirely.

Why we built it? - To assure Measurable Outcomes with H.A.I

- We built our owned content marketing automation system capabilities for personalization, process, integration, optimization, control, data, security and omni-channel outreach. All-in-one in-house capabilities to deliver cost effective sustainable social-search marketing with true measurable results.

What did we accomplish? - To cut waste inefficiencies in the digital value supply-chains of marketing that effect returns on spends.

- CapEx (capital expenditure) in buying technology platforms and upgrades, OpEx (operational expenditure) in managing and maintainence it with expensive workers, little control on strategic communication compliance without relevance of audience interest, 3rd party data metrics in-accuracies, staff training cost and time, technology management, infrastructure, YoY increasing advertising rates, consistency of silo-ed global teams communication etc. Read More...


Home Team

Core Team

Vikas Gulaty
Digital Lab

Founder: Tech. Execution

A. Gulatiy
Office Lab

Co-Founder: Finance " Admin.

T. Kothari
Graphics Lab

Leader-Mentor: VFX - Growth Strategy

I. Dugal
Strategy Lab

Leader-Mentor: Sales Delivery Strategy

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